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A non-refundable £10 booking fee will secure a booking of the hall for a single event. Charges thereafter are £12/hour for social use and £20/hour for business use. The financial arrangements for repeat bookings can be negotiated.

A £50 deposit is required to cover the cost of cleaning up the hall after use if the hirer fails to do this or set against any damage caused. The deposit will be returned provided that the hall is left in the condition it was found in. Please read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you are fully aware of your responsibilities.


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The booking diary is updated on a regular basis. The current status of bookings can be accessed by clicking here. Note that bookings only appear in the diary when they have been confirmed by the payment of a deposit. Provisional bookings can be held for up to one week by negotiation.

Please note that the FHMC will endeavour to make sure that the facility is available for confirmed bookings, but cannot accept any liability for cancellations due to circumstances beyond its control.

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